Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Challenge

My new tagline is
Genuine Brilliant On The Run!
yes peep just bear with it

now being in advertising is so effieng tiring
to noks letops mak like!
it's like adrenaline rush each day to class

additional me as part time worker
it so tiring & hectic but it is some sort of training
penat lak cite psl diri
rase fabulous sgt(geli sendiri)

ok dude until i've new ilham nk tulis
then shall i meet again
thou u'll wait


it's been such a long time i haven't write
just start in my degree in UiTM
yay!i major in advertising like i've always wanted

orang kata tak elok mengeluh sebab kita kena sentiasa bersyukur dengan qada' dan qadar
but why people that i trust the most before this can do that to me?
that question keeps haunting me until now..
it is a cycle of life?
it is one ujian to test my Iman and patient?

i was so shocked to find out
i was so frustrated when i figured out
Yes TERKILAN is the correct word
have i done something that hurt u without i realised?
U know where to begin to talk if u got something
I always open for any communication

tapi tak ape what had done dah jadi history
now each of us have chosen our own path
i hope you will success in your life
but don't repeat to others
but don't u wish us to be like we used to be

You will be part of my life chapter
You was my closest fren in Malacca
I am grateful for every help & knowledge
It just easy to forgive not to forget..