Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adrenaline Rush

Firstly ada orang complaint that my blog isn't attractive enough
ya meh?haha but i'm used to it since i'm not that creative when it comes to designing

i don't know what happened to me this week but i'm tremendously lazy
i keep giving excuses to myself
if my mom finds out memang kena belasah dah

there are lots of assignments + test
furthermore i'm working & it's such a pain for my time management

any suggestions?
get married kan?

hahaha BD

Monday, August 2, 2010

Drama Queen

Drama Queen
goes to Athirah Dagang!
she was so panicked when i hold her leg to pull out kaca
aiyoyo kakak saya mao tolong saja la

just before we locked the grill door
i remembered i didn't bring my cell
and she bebel i careless
the best part she herself didn't bring

then we went to A&W to eat waffle
the sweetest thing was when she hugged me like a teddy
it's because she was afraid might fall
maybe it's my bad that i really ride it fast

no problemo pweety
u need more practice riding with me
soon u'll b fine
(melancholic mode)

p/s: aku tetap suka kau ;)


Today was such a chaos for me
the great thing was when i lost my bike's key
it really crushed my heart to pieces
i was so freak out & menggelabah

memang totally cemas and berdebar
Thank God i already separated spare keys i my room
so thanks to Fikri Abdullah who saved my day
hahaha he fetched me home to get my keys

then reached home my siblings super nervous than me
they asked lots of questions & thought i lost my bike
don't worry Richard(bike's name) is just fine

then paling kelakar when my brother thought me wrongly
i'm gonna spend a night in Athirah Dagang's house
so he assumed i wanna go club
Aiyo got no money la how la wanna go ane

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I did a research on depression and thought it will be cool to share in my own understanding
when we depressed, it's worse that sad
depressed made us numb, fellingless or humanless
since we cannot feel anything
not even sad,frustrated,mad,and all those negative expression

there are few stages in depression
there's a stage which we will commit suicide
especially bila hati dah terasa kosong sangat

there are many factors can lead to depression
such working environment, family, instituition, relationship and etc
however as a Muslim kita ada akidah
Islam melarang hambanya commit suicide

p/s: dah tua nk jd counsellor kerohanian la..


I think every human lives in a pain
or perhaps every living creatures
Pain will teach how to value something
something that we take for granted
either we realise or totally not

It's very hard to get up back
Especially hugh pain from your loves one
Pain that can crippled you
Or made u numb or Depressed

As a Muslim we need to Believe with Qada' & Qadar
Each of us sometimes went overboard
org melayu ckp 'setiap yg terjadi ada hikmahnya"
english said 'there's lining silver in every cloud'

We need to redha in everything
Allah itu Maha Segalanya..

p/s: redha asignment xsiap lagi..hihi ;))