Friday, August 21, 2009


It's Ramadhan!!!
lots of work to do
where to begin n where to stop

this Ramadhan wouldn't be as same like b4
coz of multiple reasons
i just hope i'll b delighted by it..

tp kalo bule dpt cuti time gi shootin nnt

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ding Dong
it's what i feel
like knock3!
huh? what? ape ni?

i'm too adult or mature i think
to think all these remeh temeh stuff
y shud i lower my dignity to all these?
there're lots of other things that i can think

i do believe in karma
what goes around comes back around
i dun have to tell everybody
who am i
i am easy n flexible
but i can b bitch
if i want to
n no one would want to see how bitches i can b

no harm, no worries
time will reveal d truth
i just have to sit back
get a regular caramel popcorn set
n watch evrything..


no one would know their destiny
ppl choose their own path
we can plan eveything
yet God determine everything

it's hard to believe
but it happened
how i am suppose to tell d world
that i'm so hurt
i'm not a disclose person
so i wont tell my underlying truh feeling

i wanted to cry out loud
but it already happened
nothing i can do that can reverse it back
can it be?

currently i've a problem
with my own emotion n feelings
i'm weak wen it comes to family
wen we love and care too much
we hurt and frustrated that much

I love u, I respect u, I care about u.
whatever happen, i'll still b ur daughter
that u can rely on
that never turn u down
1 u can b proud of