Tuesday, February 10, 2009

so-called fairy truth

i was so damn mad
i cant acted like there was nothin happened
none???no it's NOT..

Nur Aqilah Mohd Noor Kamal
people who know me noe dat i'm not a hot temper
never without valid reason...
i'm a hepy go lucky
i love laugh,teasing n karaoke n shopin n etc
all the stuff that can enlighten n colors my day ;)

but unfortunately...
my patients were being taken for granted
which unacceptable for my principle
yeah i am hard to accept stupido reasons..

so i had a nice talk with
i voice up all the things
which mean that i care n CONCERN
not like only talk behind

o damn...
y i hv to explode like b4
i determined to control
all my feelings that i'll rarely disclose
or shown to ppl..

i hate this..
it's all fairy tale all this...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


currently in pantai mc in malacca
waitin for my fren doing medical check up
i open my laptop n got wifi
wink3!!!i heart diz hospital

hospital potrays how ppl care about life
they r rushing to meet doc for consultation
what they should n shouldnt
for the sake to live
for themselves or their love ones??

it's funny to see
not many of the patients come not with their companion
they come with child or alone
but where r those companion when we need them?
too busy to concern?
only concern if the person under 6inches of earth?

who should answer it?
are we do care enough with our love ones?
are we know them enough?
or we only know the outer but not from inner..
how they feel n how they struggle
in order to live..

appreciate ur love ones
do it when u still can

Sunday, February 1, 2009


emm everyone talks about love

it's such a big word
has millions of meanings
but it depends on u how to interpret it..

it's not just for couples
family,frens,spouse n etc
for me all relationship must have upside down
just like a wheel
ya babe wheel..
on top n at d bottom..
y? it's karma n it's life

when we passionate n hepy it's wonderful
when we frustrated n sad it's painful
but it teach us how to be mature
how to think,listen,communicate

i summarize this word as it is:
L : Life
O : Ourselves
V : Venue
E : Eternity

confuse huh?
ok2 jd seniman jap td..
L : Life = it happen when we still live..hehehe ;p
O : Ourselves = ya, we who feel it
V : Venue = Where it happen + when + +
E : Eternity = if u insist but d eternity will only between u n GOD

p/s: over reacted skit time nih..
hahaha xD

goodbye money

it's really sucks la today..
i drove my sis car over my work place..
then when i parked i heard bang!
n everybody're looking at my car..
i was like huh?ape?
ok dub dab
so i went out n checked..
oouh..just scratches..

then i saw d front bumper crack
omg!! i'm surely gonna die..
it's fell into 2..
i've to ganti..
terbang la duet gaji akak dik..
mak benci btol nyah..
punah harapan nk b'joli sbb kne ganti..
my fren cal his frens n check
yg ori rm300..

nsebla wira..
kete m'sia..
if bmw ke mmg i run away back to malacca..
sory sis..
i love you..
hehehe ;p

hard times

i wrote this b4 in myspace's blog..
it's bcoz i was in frustation..
of my result..

life is like a wheel..
always upside down..
once u was on top
once u was at the bottom
life must goes on
eversince there is still a breath
never give up
or u drown in frustation
n die in a shame
shame of a coward
coward cant accept the truth
what has done is done
yesterday is history
tomorrow is a new leaf
strive for the excellent
dun ever forget ur Creator
He gives u pains
He gives u happiness