Sunday, February 1, 2009


emm everyone talks about love

it's such a big word
has millions of meanings
but it depends on u how to interpret it..

it's not just for couples
family,frens,spouse n etc
for me all relationship must have upside down
just like a wheel
ya babe wheel..
on top n at d bottom..
y? it's karma n it's life

when we passionate n hepy it's wonderful
when we frustrated n sad it's painful
but it teach us how to be mature
how to think,listen,communicate

i summarize this word as it is:
L : Life
O : Ourselves
V : Venue
E : Eternity

confuse huh?
ok2 jd seniman jap td..
L : Life = it happen when we still live..hehehe ;p
O : Ourselves = ya, we who feel it
V : Venue = Where it happen + when + +
E : Eternity = if u insist but d eternity will only between u n GOD

p/s: over reacted skit time nih..
hahaha xD

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