Tuesday, February 3, 2009


currently in pantai mc in malacca
waitin for my fren doing medical check up
i open my laptop n got wifi
wink3!!!i heart diz hospital

hospital potrays how ppl care about life
they r rushing to meet doc for consultation
what they should n shouldnt
for the sake to live
for themselves or their love ones??

it's funny to see
not many of the patients come not with their companion
they come with child or alone
but where r those companion when we need them?
too busy to concern?
only concern if the person under 6inches of earth?

who should answer it?
are we do care enough with our love ones?
are we know them enough?
or we only know the outer but not from inner..
how they feel n how they struggle
in order to live..

appreciate ur love ones
do it when u still can

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